Can Parrots Eat Papaya?

Can parrots eat papaya?

Everyone needs fruits in their diet, we all know the nutritional goodness that they contain. Some fruits are even delicious for being so healthy. Parrots need around 15-20% of their daily diet to be filled with fruits and vegetables. But this doesn’t mean all fruits are going to be safe for them to have, what … Read more

Can Parrots Eat Honey?

Can parrots eat honey?

Caring for a parrot is incredibly rewarding but also quite challenging particularly when it comes to their diet and what to feed them. They are small and fragile similar to children so it’s important to you take caution when it comes to their nutrition. A parrots diet should mainly consist of pelleted foods, fresh fruits … Read more

Can Parrots Eat Carrots?

Can parrots eat carrots?

When I was a kid my parents would always persuade me to eat my carrots by telling me they’d make me see in the dark. Of course this wasn’t true but the habit stuck with me my whole life and now I’m a big fan of the dark, albeit I can’t see in the dark. … Read more

Can Parrots Eat Goji Berries?

Can parrots eat goji berries?

As a parrot parent I’m always on the look out for new foods I can add to my parrots diet for some variety and added nutrition. One food I have stumbled upon recently is the goji berry, also known as wolfberries they are a slightly sour but sweet fruit native to Asia. They are considered … Read more

Can Parrots Eat Apples?

Can parrots eat apples?

Parrots need a well balanced diet to give them the best quality of life possible, this means foods like fresh fruits and vegetables should be included in it. However they shouldn’t be a feature in it with them only needing around 20% of fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. Apples are one of my … Read more

Can Parrots Eat Passion Fruit?

Parrots need a well balanced diet in order to live a long and happy life. A diet full of quality vitamins and nutrients will prevent them from many health problems so as a parrot owner it’s important to feed them the best foods. Your birds diet should consist of seeds, pelleted foods, nuts and around … Read more

Can Parrots Eat Grapefruit?

can parrots eat grapefruit?

Fruit is important to have in your parrots diet, they are typically low in calories and full of nutrients that make them a safe food for our parrots. It should only make up around 20% of your birds diet however so it shouldn’t be too much of a staple for them. This is because they … Read more

Can Parrots Eat Nectarines?

Can parrots eat nectarines?

As a parrot parent it’s important to be aware of what goes into your birds diet as there are some foods you wouldn’t expect to be toxic to them, but are. The fact you’ve landed on this page means you care enough about your parrot to double check if he can have a certain food … Read more

Can Parrots Eat Lychee?

Can parrots eat lychee?

I’ll be honest I had never heard of lychee before I wanted to add some into my parrots diet but I’m glad I did. It’s now one of my favorite fruits due to how incredibly refreshing it it. Lychee is a tropical fruit that has strawberry like skin with it’s sweet taste described to be … Read more

Can Parrots Eat Pears?

Can parrots eat pears?

Pears are one of my favorite fruits, the juices dripping down my chin on a hot summers day make them all that more appealing. They provide a sweet flavor that parrots love and would often eat in the wild. However like a lot of fruits there are multiple different kinds with different taste and textures. … Read more