Can Parrots Eat Jackfruit?

can parrots eat jackfruit?

It’s important to add foods into your parrots diet that pack a bunch of vitamins but also be delicious at the same time. One food that fits this criteria for my bird is jackfruit. Native to South India and growing in popularity jackfruit is one of my parrots favorite fruits. It has a subtly sweet … Read more

Can Parrots Eat Lentils?

can parrots eat lentils?

A parrots diet is critical to them and what you feed them will determine the quality of life they have. Their diet should mainly consist of fresh fruit and vegetables, pellets and seeds. With the odd treat being given every so often as we humans like too. You want these foods to be organic which … Read more

Can Parrots Eat Artichokes?

can parrots eat artichokes?

As a parrot owner it’s important to include foods in their diet that your pet can benefit from. The better your parrots diet is, the longer and happier life they are going to live. Foods like fruit and vegetables are great for parrots as they usually contain many benefits that our feathered friends will thank … Read more

Can Parrots Eat Pineapple?

can parrots eat pineapple?

Fruit and vegetables should make up around 15-20% of a parrots diet. However does this mean that all fruits and vegetables are safe for our feathered friends to eat? One of these fruits in question is the pineapple. It’s a tropical fruit with a sweet taste. However just because it’s a fruit does this make … Read more

Can Parrots Eat Plums?

can parrots eat plums?

Plums are one of my favorite fruits. They are such a reward to eat with their juicy flavor and soft texture. And that’s before we get into the nutritional benefits of them. I was snacking on one the other day and caught my feathered friend staring at me but I’ve never given him plums before … Read more

Can Parrots Eat Cantaloupe?

can parrots eat cantaloupe?

Cantaloupe is an excellent summer snack. It’s cool and refreshing to keep you from overheating all while providing excellent nutritional benefits. The cantaloupe is a juicy, orange summer fruit that’s related to the watermelon and honeydew melon. It also belongs to the same plant family as cucumbers, pumpkins, squashes, and gourds. As a curious parrot … Read more

Can Parrots Eat Eggplant?

can parrots eat eggplant?

As a proud parrot owner I’m always looking for new foods I can introduce into his diet to try and provide him with vitamins and nutrients that he’s not already getting in his current diet. We know fruits and vegetables are encouraged for our parrots to eat but which are the best? Each different fruit … Read more

Can Parrots Eat Watermelon?

can parrots eat watermelon?

My parrots diet is almost more important to me than my own. I’m always looking for nutrient dense foods that I can give him so he’s not missing out on any. If you’re anything like me then I’m sure your the same and always question something before you put it in your parrots mouth, after … Read more

Can Parrots Eat Strawberries?

can parrots eat strawberries?

As a Parrot parrot I’m always looking for new foods to introduce into my birds diet. I like to think of it the same way I think about my diet, I don’t want to eat the same foods everyday and I’m sure my parrot is the same. This leads to me researching a variety of … Read more